xTool D1 Pro 20W Lens Pack - 12 Replacement Lenses

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Package of 12 lenses for xTool D1 Pro

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xTool D1 Pro 20W Replacement Lens Package of 12 lenses, xTool D1 Pro 20W Lens, Flat Mineral Crystals Lens, Lens for xTool D1 Pro 20W

For the paid price, you will get 12 lenses and 4 o-rings (If, selected)

Because they are consumables, laser lenses require regular cleaning. When cutting your materials, it is preferable to use rubbing alcohol and a Qtip to remove any dirt. To ensure that your material receives the full power of your laser, please periodically replace your lens.

-1 mm thickness and 14 mm diameter.
-Scratch resistant coated.
-Made of Swiss-grade hardened mineral glass to resist breakage.
-Swiss-grade hardened mineral glass
-CNC cut for an accurate size.
-Have polish edges
-Flat on both sides
-Highest light transmission
-Not compatible with xTool D1 20W/10W/5W (None Pro).

How to replace the lens:
1- Remove the lens housing from the laser module. If there is glue, soak it in acetone for 1-2 hours to soften the glue. Slide the lens out of the housing.
2- Add high temperature silicone or sealant to adhere the lens to the case. (Don’t add too much, just a little drop is enough). This is an option.
3- Carefully insert the lens, make sure there is no glue in the center of the lens and let it dry according to the glue instructions (Do not put the housing back into the laser until it is completely dry. Skip this step if you have not glued the lens.
4- Put the o-ring (if purchased) on the top of the lens, if you want to eliminate the gap between the new lens and the nozzle. While twisting the lens housing on the nozzle, make sure that the o-ring is centered.
5- Put the lens housing back on the module and enjoy.

Remember lenses are laser consumables and you need to clean them regularly between jobs.

To ensure durability, a lens was tested for more than 200 hours at 100% power on a 20w laser with no damage!

*Some of xTool's first laser module batches don't require lenses and may have a smaller lens housing diameter.
Therefore, always double check the inner measurement of the lens's housing to make sure that our lens will fit in.

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Very fast shipping and was exactly what I needed

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Great packaging

great packaging and good delivery time

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Great product

Great product, I received the 12 pack

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